Managing assignments has never been easier

MasteryNet takes all of the work out of ongoing assignment management—and it’s easy.  You can use MasteryNet’s powerful assignment controls and scheduling features to make sure that your workers never miss an important training assignment.

Dynamic Assignments

MasteryNet LMS has a unique feature called Dynamic Assignments. It simplifies ongoing assignment management. It reduces overall administration time and costs by over 90%.

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You setup groups within the system that match your organizational structure. For example, you might setup groups for “locations”, “departments”, and “job titles.” You then create curriculums and attach them to the groups. When you add new learners, you simply add them to the correct groups. Learners will get their assignments automatically based on their membership in groups. If they change locations, departments or job titles, their assignments will change—dynamically. You no longer have to worry whether a worker has the correct assignments because they will get them automatically based on their group membership. This reduces your ongoing adminstration time and costs by over 90%.

Scheduling Recurring Assignments

When you create a curriculum assignment, you will have powerful controls over:

  • The availability of the assignment
  • The fulfillment window (due-date window) of the assignment
  • Retraining frequency of the assignment

You can base retraining on:

  • A specific date each year (such as October 31st). You use this option if you want a course to always be due in a specific month.
  • A “completion-relative” date. Use this option if you want a course’s retraining due date to be based on the previous completion date—such as “12 months since last completion.”

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